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Scenic Beautification Project

The West Baltimore MARC Station Scenic Beautification Project developed out of a desire to public art landmarks in the West Baltimore community. Early in the discussions with community stakeholders, public art and landscaping were identified as important assets for the area. With the demolition of the abutment of the “Highway to Nowhere,” the community had to sacrifice a much beloved mural painted by Archie Veale in 1994. The mural was painted along the end of the abandoned I-170 Expressway project to signify the need for community growth and individual effort.  Therefore a new public art landmark needed to be re-envisioned for the community landscape without the wall.

A steering committee with a majority of community stakeholders selected the Cochran Studios to help create a new public art in May 2011. Since being brought on board, the public artists and project team have held several collaborative public workshops over the last two years to help integrated the community’s voice and spirit into the final art work.

Project Schedule

  • Current Phase: Final Design
  • Final Design Completed: March 2014
  • Installation: Fall 2014/Winter 2015
  • Project Completed: Winter 2015 (in coordinated with Parking Expansion & Enhancements Project)

Project Community Benefits and Goals

  • Create a high profile, 360° landmark
  • Develop an area attraction to bring people back
  • Mark the area as an event space
  • Utilize rich and intense color
  • Reflect community history & identity
  • Reference historic materials
  • Utilize solar lighting and/or be environmental-friendly
  • Create a beautiful day/night presence
  • Make something to celebrate the reunited neighborhoods