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Parking Expansion & Enhancements

In 2007, the West Baltimore MARC Parking Expansion and Enhancements Project started as the MTA worked with community stakeholders to find feasible solutions to the issue of commuters parking on neighborhood streets. The project offered an opportunity to address the parking issues as well as assist stakeholders in kick-starting their long-term community goals of neighborhood beautification and revitalization. The project was divided into two phases, demolition and construction. The first phase began in Fall 2010, and the second phase started in Fall 2013.

Project Schedule (as of 12/2013)

  • Current Phase:  Under Construction
  • Project Completed:  Fall/Winter 2014

Project Community Benefits and Goals

  • Start the process of removing the wall, or “Highway to Nowhere” from the community
  • Provide a short-term parking solution to relieve commuter parking in residential areas
  • Reconnect Payson Street to the street grid
  • Improve how the highway exits and entrances flow into community
  • Provide a better integration of traffic (pedestrian, car, transit, and bicycle)
  • Create a new open space for weekend community use, such as a culture events, markets, and gatherings
  • Lay the ground work for future development