Dec 15

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Help Clean-up the Future Space for the West Station Community Gardens

Community Gardening PhotoBefore the West Baltimore Community Honor & Harvest Day, a group of volunteers came together to work with Ms. Barbara McQueen on her adopted lots along Saratoga and Smallwood Streets. These lots are intended for a future West Station Community Gardens. Volunteers began the effort to help clean and prepare the lots for a new low maintenance landscape design. Ms. McQueen and her sister Susan adopted the lots three years ago, but have faced some difficulties with regards to resources and illegal residential and commuter parking. The garden group is renewing their efforts to receive greening grants and resources. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Staycie Francisco (410)767-0667 or (410) 245-0640. We have more Saturday clean-up days scheduled before spring starts.

Many thanks and gratitude to the folks that helped on Saturday, November 16:

  • Freda Alvarado-Fanning
  • Ariel Boyd
  • Timothy Bridges
  • Candace Clifton
  • Roderick Comegy
  • Corey Jones
  • Ricky D. Rogers


Community Gardening Photo


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