Jul 24

Kinetic Painting Workshop Held

KPW_01On July 24, 2013 at Lockerman Bundy Elementary School, close to 200 kids and adults participated in a Kinetic Painting Workshop for the public art work, titled The Shining Dark: Stories of Strength from West Baltimore and commissioned for the West Baltimore MARC Station. The day included a special session for kids participating in a Parks & People Foundation summer program, which was followed by an evening session open to all residents of West Baltimore. Everyone enjoyed flinging paint and creating their own marks to be incorporated into the final public art work to be created by the artistic team of William and Teresa Cochran from Cochran Studio. As we have reported in the past, the Cochran Studio was chosen by a 12 person selection committee that included seven members from the West Baltimore MARC community. The kinetic painting workshop is the first in a series of community workshops that will involve residents in creating a collaborative public art landmark with the artists.

KPW_04The Shining Dark will be a two-block-long elevated light sculpture that will illuminate the strength and endurance of the West Baltimore communities. A dozen sculptural installations of colorful art glass will be installed high above the West Baltimore MARC Station parking lots on light poles where they will catch the light both day and night. Each light sculpture will be linked to one of twelve artistic marker stones set into prominent brick columns along Franklin, Mulberry, and Payson Streets; these markers will be engraved with an image and a story of strength from West Baltimore — a true account of a person, group, or event that illustrates the highest character of the neighborhoods, even in their darker days. To find out how you can be a part of the public art project, visit The Shining Dark website. To submit a story of strength, call toll free at (800) 448-4060.


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