Jul 01

Construction Underway



The construction phase of the Parking Expansion project is fully underway. Please plan for possible delays and disruptions in order to lessen the impacts for the next year of construction. In the end, the new parking lots will encourage commuters from taking up valuable parking in residential neighborhoods. The project will also improve how traffic flows throughout the neighborhood, reconnect Payson Street to the street grid, and provide new space for community events. Along with landscaping and new public artwork, the project is the first step in promoting future transit-oriented development in the area.


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  1. mitchell dean

    what about the train platform

  2. wbmarc_admin

    The Station Improvements & Upgrades Project for the West Baltimore MARC station platform is currently in the Design phase. Depending on future funding, the project is estimated to move into the next phase of Engineering and Final Design by Winter 2013. Final Design is estimated to be completed by Winter 2015. The project could move into the Construction phase in the Winter/Spring 2016. Of course this project schedule is subject to change or shift based on funding and scheduling availability.

  3. Lindsay

    When is the parking expansion expected to be completed?

    1. wbmarc_admin

      Hi Lindsay,
      The Parking Expansion Project is scheduled for completion in the Fall/Winter 2014.

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